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Coach`s Diary

Different users may take advantage from this tool in various ways. For Coach, it is a great statistical tool, which gather quantitative as well as qualitative data, in the form of comments left next to training or match data.
For Clubs, it is a tool for monitoring coach`s work and creating a internal IT coaching system. Currently it is done on the basis of rather casual notes in paper diaries.
Player may monitor how they cope with trainings, what should be improved, and what is already done correctly.
Parents of young players may monitor their children`s sport results. They may also check, if they attend trainings regularly.Want to know more?

Graphic and Animation Wizard

So far, coaches did not have a tool for creating tactic plans by means of graphics or presentation, available on the Internet browser. But now it is possible. We have created for you a convenient alternative for desktop applications. Creating plans in tactic creator allows to save much time. Moreover you may export any of your work from tactic creator to PDF format, which is one of many advantages of this panel.
Possibility of storing already created presentations or files, as well as sharing them with players by means of „Virtual changing room” is another great solution. Thanks to that, coach creates some kind of virtual “know-how” base concerning their training skills, and players are given personalized guidelines concerning match tactic.

Coach organizer

Organise your work with our organiser. Create events and set their date, time and duration. Thanks to that, you may forget about paper calendars. Now all your events are together. Moreover, you have an access to it from all around the world!


Virtual changing room allows football coaches to gather a team in one virtual room, which was not possible ever before. It is ideal for conducting pre-training briefing, which helps players to prepare themselves tactically to training or game, as well as to plan how to….Virtual changing room also saves lots of training time which must be devoted every time for explaining new game plans.
Thanks to our virtual changing room, coach may present those plans during tactical e-briefing. Players have an opportunity to ask questions immediately, through our communicator, which allows to save time and improve the flow of information between coach and players, as well as to improve sport results.


Communication by means of chat and private messages will certainly help you to make flow of information between your players much more efficient.

The best communicators were models for our ProTrainUp Service one. It is as functional and foolproof as the most popular social services.

Simultaneously, it is the first communicator available on market which has been implemented in a football service and gives chance to contact with parents.

Coach Library

Coach may store all of the plans, presentations, tactical drafts or trainings created by them in coach library.
You, as a coach, have an opportunity to save your works in two formats. The first one is multimedia presentation, which may be opened only through ProTrainUp Service. The second way of saving your works is an export to PDF format. This option lets you print out a created draft and use it when you are on the pitch or sit on the coach bench.
You, as a player, may freely browse your coach`s library, but you do not have an opportunity to save or print out those files. Such a solution helps to protect your coach`s intellectual property, such as tactic plans or trainings.

PDF Reports

PDF drafts creator works on a „drag and drop” basis. It is an innovative tool, which definitely influences coach`s work. So far, creation of training drafts was rather tedious and time-consuming work. Now, in ProTrainUp Service you are able to do this in, literally, a couple of minutes.
Convenient data entry, very easy dragging and banal addition of graphics to particular parts of tactic or training draft, make working with our tool a pure pleasure.

Training database

There are also prepared sets of exercises, divided into six categories, which make coach`s work easier. Our exercise base includes the following categories: coordination, technic, tactic, condition, games and theory. Each category contains several exercises.
Naturally, each coach has an opportunity to create their own sets of exercises, to which they may pick an appropriate graphic, add description and set training time. Convenient and easy form of training creation, which actually guides you during training creation process, will make this activity very simple.

Lineup generator

Lineup generator, gives you a chance to create lineup for every single match, with only one click. System is able to set lineup automaticaly, based on player`s statistics. You can also set team formation, player`s characteristic or even create user friendly graphic presentation, which can be shared on social media profiles.

Workflow system

You can upload and share documents in a Club or Academy profile. It’s another possibility, given by the ProTrainUp tool. Both the coordinator and all coaches working at the club can upload all kinds of files , ranging from xls and pdf doc by ending image files and multimedia presentations. As a result, coaches will have all the important files in one place. The order among the files and documents no longer be a problem