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For whom ProTrainUp is?

Clubs and football academies. Thanks to club’s account, the coordinators and the club’s board could supervise and support the work of trainers employed by the club, by creating online training system. Club’s account also provides an opportunity to check the progress of each player at the club.

Coaches receive a tool to manage the work with the team. Statistics, drawings and animations wizard and communicator, are just a few of the opportunities offered by ProTrainUp.

Players and parents can follow the daily training progress, scores and communicate with the coach in a virtual dressing room . In this place they will receive sketched training plans or ways of playing different parts of the game.

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Protrainup system

Players and parents

Trainers from all over Europe

Clubs and Academies

Clubs from 1st division

Contact with players and parents

Communication by means of chat and private messages will certainly help you to make flow of information between your players much more efficient.

The best communicators were models for our ProTrainUp Service one. It is as functional and foolproof as the most popular social services.

Simultaneously, it is the first communicator available on market which has been implemented in a football service and gives chance to contact with parents.

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Protrainup system

Responsive system design

Our system has been designed in a way that let you use it on computers, as well as on mobile devices with Android, iOS or Windows software.

Protrainup system

Tactic Board Application

Build your own exercise and tactic base. Tactic Bard application gives you an opportunity to create graphics and animations.You may prepare a training draft using your materials in TacticBoard without any trouble.

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Use free PRO licence for coaches and enjoy all the opportunities of ProTrainUp system. In case of any doubts, useour guide or contact our technical help department.

Protrainup system

New functions for coaches

ProTrainUp 2.0 is a set of new functions, which makes work of every coach much more comfortable and let them comprehensively communicate with a team. Want to know more?

Protrainup system

ProTrainUp is used by:

Plenty of clubs trust our system and organise their coaches and club work by means of ProTrainUp!

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